3d Stone Carvings, by Marty Harper


In Loving Memory of my Dad.

Floyd H. Harper

Cut in A Granite Vase

This next one is also cut in a

Granite Vase and I think you know

who it suppose to be.

These Photos may CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE as new one are made.



These are Ceramic tile designs made from

wallpaper print etc. I took the wallpaper

design and made a mold for the ceramic

tiles so they would match.

More of these photos to come !

The above are cut in different types of Marble

unless otherwise noted on picture.

I think you tell who they are.


Information for CnC Folks


Edited Photo Ready to be Converted to G-code.

If you like this stuff and have machinery,

You must CHECK OUT this WEB SITE !


This is a screen capture of a releif

made with his software,

using my edited photo.

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